The Ghetto

The Ghetto

This look features The Ghetto tank.

Many of my shirts are not inspired by what you may think. This shirt in particular was inspired by Donny Hathaway’s song “The Ghetto”. I am aware that the phrase has been coined as a trendy way to say “ I don’t like it here” but my version is the opposite.

It’s based on many of our lives growing up the hood we love to REPRESENT. I grew up in a hood and I still live in a hood. My neighbors are loud and lively and I don’t take it for granted. Like our culture, we make statements…okay! I sit on my porch and listen to the rumbling and music and hollers of “hey!” directed across the street.

Here I am on my bike and one of the elders of my hood stopped to talk to me and my son. She’s like the Grandma of the block. She’s taking a liking to my son. He goes to the neighborhood meetings with her, cuts her yard, etc. They even played a game of basketball together. I don’t mind living in this hood. It ain’t perfect but I love it. Now, take away the occasional off-season fireworks and we’re good.

I ain’t no baller but I kinda look like it. I played a little pickup ball with my husband and son last week.

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