The Culture Wins

The Culture Wins

Today’s look features The Culture Wins t-shirt.

other products featured:  Black Goddess Wood Earrings

This weekend was COSMIC! I spent almost 3 hours watching the Queens of Neosoul share stories, play tracks in true admiration of each other. It was supposed to be a battle but it felt more like a sister circle for many of us. Goddesses in their own right shared the vibes of the music that lifted us.

I was inspired to write this poem about how I found myself listening to their music.

This Saturday, I took a long walk under an orange moon with green eyes and found fool’s gold. I went on & on until 8 minutes to sunrise. Stopped near an apple tree, sipped on some crown royal and picked a four-leaf clover.

Slowly…surely, I smiled then asked myself, “Do you remember the bag lady?” She crossed my mind as I had a vision of the other side of the game. She used to think she would only find love in the next lifetime. She’s blessed. Didn’t cha know? Her life is golden because you got me. –  Charlisha Renata still vibing from the Cosmic Energy of Jill & Badu


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